Order of the Cross and Dragon (Fan Club)

From the depths of space and time, Priest and Rosemary Butterfly have ressurected an old and mysterious Order . . . The Order of the Cross and Dragon.  This secretive Order was first established several centuries ago to seek out and protect those who, like Priest and Rosemary, were cursed to live in the darkness for eternity, the immortal ones.  The Order was to become a safe haven for these unique people, an organization where they could meet and share their various experiences, find friendship and simply belong in a world where they didn't belong.  After the Order was established, Priest and Rosemary travled to the far ends of the world searching in all the dark hidden places for those to join the Order.  Others, thru word of mouth, would later seek out the Order on their own.  It was thru The Order of the Cross and Dragon that the two would eventually meet Blacksmith, Roadblock, Alchemist and Mason.  Later they would go on to form the band Firesphere in the 21st century.  Although the Order has been kept a dark secret thru these many centuries and its members comprised of only those who were of the same immortal cast, Priest and Rosemary have now decided to open membership to the Order to any and all who would seek it, mortal and immortal alike.  In this century, The Order of the Cross and Dragon will be a sanctuary for those who seek it.  It will be a place where people from all walks of life and status can join together as one in the celebration that is Firesphere.  It is a place where you, as a Firesphere Acolyte, can join together as a community sharing in a common interest of Firesphere's music and history.  Be more than just a fan, join The Order of the Cross and Dragon and be part of a movement.  Feed your hunger.




















Benefits of membership:

You'll receive an Order membership card bearing the official Coat of Arms of the Order, your name, number and the date you became a member all inside a special book style box that you can later use.

A copy of Firesphere's debut CD "Requiem" personally autographed by Priest and Roesemary.

A letter on Order stationary from Priest and Rosemary officially welcoming you to the Order.

A 10% discount on all future Firesphere merchandize. (With proof of membership)


A special Order of the Cross and Dragon wand handmade out of wood from tree branches imported from the black forest of Europe.  No two wands are ever alike!

Priority selection for back stage meet and greets with the band.  (With proof of membership)

Your name automatically entered into the FIresphere mailing list.

















How Much Does It Cost?


The cost for a lifetime membership is only $15.00 US dollars.  There is no yearly membership fees.  Once a member of the Order, always a member of the Order. (Members are referred to as Acolytes)



How Do I Join?


To join The Order of the Cross and Dragon  simply make your payment via the PayPal link below.  You will be given several payment options (online bank account, credit/debit card or PayPal account if you have one)  Make sure to give us your full name and the address you would like your membership package mailed to, as well as, your preferrence in wand length.  Shipping costs paid for by Firesphere.







Here is what you receive when you join the Order of the Cross and Dragon . . .

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