Lady Thick Bristle


Priest and Nun


Simply called Priest, he has been around a very long time. As the story is told, he was once an Egyptian High Priest to the Pharoh Amenhotep III during the 18th Dynesty and performed a dark ancient ritual that gave him immortality. Disliking the sunlight and living at night under the cover of the dark, some have said he is one of the undead, a strigoi but, this is only fanciful talk whispered by those who wish to remain unnamed. Priest abandoned his Pharoh and began his many journeys leading him to every part of the world thru the millenium.  Finally, after spending countless years in a Catholic monastery somewhere in the darkest reaches of Eastern Europe atoning for his sins he finally left the solitude of the Church in 1867, travling to Japan where he found his one true love, the enigmatic Rosemary Butterfly. Dark and brooding, Priest says very little. Rather, he allows the music to speak for him.


Rosemary Butterfly hails from the cold dark mountains of Northern Japan. No one is quite sure of her age but, from what little is known about her, she is simply ageless. Japanese legend has it that she was born the child of the Dragon Mother, one of Japans first Gods, and of a human.  It is said Rosemary lived a life of solitued on her mountain home, never loving, never knowing love until the day she met Priest. Finally, she had found the other half of her own dark soul. Of course, these are all just rumors quietly spoken of among the Japanese people in the surrounding villages even to this day.  Whatever she may be, her love for Priest knows no rival. Rosemary has a haunting and alluring voice that has the power to capture the mind, heart and soul in its snare. 

Rosemary Buttefly

[All names and characters created by the artists for Firesphere and are for entertainment purposes only.  Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely unintentional.]