The Beginning

Priest and Rosemary

Long long ago, a man known only as Priest traveled far across the waters of the Pacific ocean to the ancient island of Japan seeking absolution for his sorted past.  Indeed, his had been a very dark past, a past that had given him eternal life but, in return transformed him into a creature of the night.  For so long he had traveled the world over looking for someone, anyone, that could wash away his pain and shine a light onto the darkness in which he had created.  In Japan, he met and befriended a very powerful Shogun named Kenji Yamaguchi.  This Shogun, feeling sorry for his plight, took him into his castle home and told him of a beautiful and mysterious woman who lived in the cold mountains of the far north.  Stories had long been told by the villagers near the mountain that this woman was an ancient spirit, the daughter of the Dragon Mother born in human form and they were afraid of her.  Her's was a lonely and solitary existence.  The Shogun told Priest that, because their souls were made from the same dark bolt of cloth, that she might be able to help him in some way.   Her name he was told was Rosemary Butterfly. Knowing that the the Samurai was soon coming to and end, and before Yamaguchi would take Priest to the mountain, he had to agree to train in the way of the Samurai for five years.  Priest, being eternal, would carry on the tradition of the legendary warrior class.   After five years, Yamagchi finally took Priest to the mountain home of Rosemary Butterfly and at great risk to himself.  When Priest first looked into her deep eyes he knew then that she was the one who would save him.  It is told that they spent the winter months together in a place that only she knew and no villager would ever dare to enter.  During that winter, Priest fell under Rosemary's haunting spell and, even though his soul and heart were black as the darkest night, he had found love and peace in her arms.  Likewise Rosemary, for the first time in her long life, fell deeply in love with a man, the man called Priest.  Together they would walk the night and sooth the darkness of their souls.  With Rosemary by his side, they returned to the Old World where Priest continued trying to atone for his sins with the help of his beautiful Rosemary.


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